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Discover the strategies, solutions and tools that will grow your bottom line at the only conference dedicated to increasing conversions at every point in your business—Converted 2017. Reserve your tickets now and get our lowest early bird rate.

October 17-18, 2017 | Minneapolis, MN

Your business success depends on one thing: Conversions

Every eyeball that notices your business—every visitor that comes to your site—is potential revenue for your business. 

But unless you convert those people into actual customers—it's lost revenue.

So how much revenue are you converting across your marketing and sales funnel? And how much are you leaving on the table? In other words...

How many web visitors are you turning into qualified leads?  

How many of those leads become paying customers? 

And how many customers turn into lifelong fans? 

From the first time a person clicks one of your links, your success (or lack of it) all boils down to conversion. If you don’t convert, you don’t make money.  

It’s that simple.

But it's not just about the money…

Poor conversion impacts your business in ways you probably never imagined.

It reduces the ROI on your media buys—forcing you to spend more and more to generate the same revenue.

It hurts your overall business revenue—making it harder to pay business expenses or hire additional employees, to help lessen your personal workload.

It can damage your sender reputation when you send email broadcasts, making it more difficult for you to reach your prospects’ inboxes.

Unopened and unclicked emails get noticed by email service providers like Google and Yahoo. If that happens too often, you can get tagged as a spammer. (Or at the very least, banished to Google's Promotions tab.)

That's why effective, optimal conversion strategies at every level of your business are the keys to success.

But if conversions across your business are less than ideal, what can you do?

You can search online hoping to find a solution for the specific sticking points you're dealing with.

Or in just 2 days you can get solutions for all your conversion challenges by attending the only conference solely dedicated to boosting conversions at every point in your business: Converted 2017. 

Leadpages biggest event of the year: Converted 2017 

Leadpages created this 2-day conference to show you exactly how to generate more conversions: That means more traffic, more leads, and more customers.

That’s why we named our conference "Converted." 

Because it's the only conference focused exclusively on strategies and tactics that will increase conversions at every point in your business…

…From converting web browsers into traffic for your site, to converting those visitors into leads and converting leads into paying customers.

In fact, Converted is structured with that exact buying process in mind.  

Presentations that'll rock your conversions… 

We carefully structure every session of this entire 2-day conference to show you—step-by-step—exactly how to increase conversions across your entire business.  

You'll start with the most practical, data-based strategies for driving more traffic to your website. 

Then the presentations will continue to cover every major conversion point in your business—from collecting leads and closing sales all the way to creating repeat and lifetime customers. 

No matter what you do—whether you're a CEO, consultant, an author or speaker, an online coach or a full time marketer—the solutions you'll get from this conference can transform your business.  

And you should know, Converted isn’t a "pitch-fest" like so many other conferences. 

The presenters are all successful professional marketers who come to share their best insights and strategies. The sessions are all packed with proven, in-the-trenches tactics you can put to use immediately to start reaching new prospects, increasing conversions and growing your bottom line. Just like Laura and Alissa…

Laura Poindexter, who teaches seminars on marketing and social media, was immediately inspired. “I’ve already implemented getting my virtual assistant on booking me as a guest on podcasts,” she said. “I think it will help me reach new audiences with very little resource investment.”

Business coach Alissa Daire Nelson walked away from Converted knowing her next step was a simple one: creating a problem-focused landing page with a great lead magnet optimized to get her more leads. Also, she already reserved her tickets for next year's Converted on the spot. As she said, this is "truly a conference I'll never miss."

Who comes to Converted?

What kinds of marketers and business owners attend converted? All kinds.  

But you'll likely get the most out of next year's event, if you're:

  • A marketer looking to add “what’s working now” strategies to consistently exceed your team’s revenue goals…
  • A business owner looking for new strategies to consistently generate sales and repeat customers…
  • An entrepreneur ready to find that missing piece for rapid growth…
  • An executive eager to ensure your company’s at the forefront of your industry…
  • A service provider seeking conversion strategies for acquiring more customers…
  • A local business owner wanting to expand your reach (and your revenue) beyond your zip code…
  • A marketing consultant looking to stay on the cutting edge of conversion-based marketing for your clients…
  • An author, blogger, podcaster, or speaker who’s looking to attract a bigger audience…
  • A real estate professional, doctor, dentist, chiropractor, lawyer, fitness professional, store owner, or other independent provider who's looking to generate more clients through digital marketing…

If you see yourself in this list, then there’s something waiting for you at Converted 2017.

We Bring You Speakers You’ll Actually Love…

"Just walked into #converted16 and I'm super pumped... Great #venue, awesome swag & high energy sessions!"

—Jennifer Blackburn, Senior Account Manager ARPR 

"Pat Flynn dude amazing talk at #converted16. Great to discover you here!" 

—Chris Crawford, Founder Kick Ass Media

"Hey Steve Kamb - I know we're only 3 speakers in, but you killed it on the stage! Easily secured a spot as one of my faves #Converted16." 

—Shauna Mackenzie, Founder

"Pat Flynn killed it on stage! Thanks! #Converted16" 

—Todd Smith, Founder

"I don't even know the topic but I already like this dude... Steve Kamb #Converted16." 

—Todd Earwood, Founder Money Path Marketing

Mark your calendar for October 17-18 right now

When you reserve your seat for Converted 2017, you’ll get access to 2 days packed with conversion insights—and up to 18 general sessions from our industry-leading speakers.

Plus you’ll get to meet our entire Leadpages team who are always ready and willing to answer all your questions in person and one on one. 

Each morning you’ll be welcomed by a complimentary breakfast buffet (featuring Minnesota’s famous maple bacon doughnuts). Every afternoon you’ll be treated to an onsite lunch so you can get to know the other attendees from all over the world.

And on the first evening you’ll be our VIP guest at the Converted Cocktail Party where you can enjoy our signature cocktails and craft beers. You'll mix and mingle with your fellow marketers as well as the teams from Leadpages, Drip and Center. 

Two days in one of America's most beautiful cities

Converted always happens in Leadpages hometown of Minneapolis—one of the most gorgeous cities to visit in the fall.

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul are frequently ranked in the top 10 of Best Cities in the United States, and we’d love to show you why.

And getting here is always a breeze because Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport—ranked the 5th best domestic airport in the country—is an easy destination for both domestic and international travelers. (Plus, the airport is a short Uber, light rail, or cab ride from downtown.) 

Frankly, Minneapolis may be the best kept secret in the whole United States.

And the conference is held at one of downtown Minneapolis’ most historic landmarks—the Depot Renaissance Hotel. 

A former train station that has been reimagined and transformed into a stunning hotel and event center, the Depot Renaissance Hotel has been voted “best reception site” two years in a row.

Feel the magic of this historic venue when you join us for Converted 2017, October 17-18.

But don't wait too long to grab your spot. The session hall can only accommodate a limited number of attendees. Attendance at Converted has been growing each year, and we’re expecting to sell all available seats for this next event. 

In fact, many of the tickets have already been grabbed by Converted 2016 attendees eager to come back. 

Act now and save

Right now, you can get Early Bird access to this only-one-of-its-kind conference. You’ll save $300 right off the top. That's the deepest discount now available to attend Converted. (You can also save $300 when you pre-order the conference videos.)

For this admission, you'll get full access to all our Converted speakers for two jam-packed days of converson strategies, in one of the most beautiful cities in America. 

Your purchase is completely protected

But what if something comes up? Not to worry! 

You can cancel your ticket to Converted 2017 up to 14 days after your purchase and receive a full refund. 

And if you're past the 14 day window, tickets are transferable so you can change the name of the registrant (to a team member, a partner or anyone you like) at any time.  

Click the button below and secure your All Access Pass to Converted 2017.

Here's more of what Converted 2016 attendees were sharing from the conference…

"Steve Kamb sharing his five important aspects of building a community. #obmth #converted16…" 

—Matthew Vermeer, Entrepreneur

"Thank you to the marketing master Ryan Deiss for over-delivering once again #Converted16 very excited about the Drip & Digital Marketer union."  

—Mike Bayer, Vacation Rental Expert

"Great headline tips from Amanda Holmes on how to get a prospect to take action. #converted16"  

—Sydney Baker, Digital Marketing Recruiter Skywater Search

"Everyone's jaws are dropping at #converted16 because of what Andrew Warner is telling us about messaging." 

—Kelly Garrett, President & Creative Director Ekcetera Design Studio

"The TACTICAL tips in today's sessions, for sure. Love that #Converted16 isn't just high level, these are ideas we can use now." 

—Jennifer Blackburn, Senior Account Manager ARPR

"Pat Flynn dropping brilliant value @ #Converted16! #lovehisstories." 

—Alissa Daire Nelson, Business Success Coach

"Loving this master acting class from David H. Lawrence at #Converted16. Fabulous techniques for on mic and on camera. Be authentic!"  

—Tanya Brody, Independent Marketing Consultant 

"Returning to Ohio with real actionable items from a great conference! #venue #Converted16." 

—Pamela Ellis MBA PhD, The Education Doctor

"Holy Knowledge Bombs! Ezra Firestone just blew everyone's minds at #Converted16!"  

—Tom Robertson, Director of Digital Development Training for Warriors

"Andrew Warner, I'm totally stoked about the messenger strategies you shared at #converted16!"

—Jason Brubaker, Founder Brubaker Unlimited

Get your early bird tickets for Converted 2017. 

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