Convert your Mp4 files to Mp3 files

Whenever we talk about converting MP4 to MP3 there is a strong chance that what you want to do is simply to convert an MP4 file into an audio file to be played with your MP3 player. But, what exactly is the difference between these two? Mp3 stands for MPE G-1 layer 3 that is basically a small, high quality audio file. MP3s can be created with no problem using your home computer, or a encoder that converts your music to MP3. On the other hand a MP4 is used like the MP3 for audio plus video, very useful for internet applications and next generation cell phones. Once we have defined briefly what both are, we can now start thinking about converting MP4 to MP3 formats.

In order to convert MP4 to MP3, you should use a converter program. Converter programs are now available mostly in the web. Shop around and find the best option for your needs, take advantage of the free trial periods to make that decision a well informed one. Once you have the program, you must follow three basic steps. People who have downloaded most of their files from the internet, will have MP4 formats more likely than not. Most portable media devices support MP3 files only, then the need to convert those files arises. Also, both are compression techniques, one for audio files and the other one for audio plus video.

Due to the popularity of these tow applications, the online options that you will find is great. This could be both positive, since you will be able to choose from a good variety of options, shop around and get the best value for your money, and negative because you can easily get lost in such a number of options and end up buying low quality conversion software. A huge software inventory can be found at Remember to look for user friendly software that will make your life easier and not most difficult. Remember that free online options will be available for you as well.

Now you have bought your converting software and you are ready to go, follow these easy steps to start converting your files into MP3 format. First of all, you will be asked to locate the files you want to convert, you can choose several files at once. Then, choose your destination, bit rate and size and finally click on convert and get ready to enjoy your MP3 files. In three easy steps you will be ready to easily and quickly change your MP4 files into MP3 files.